At The Looking Glass in historic Waynesville, Ohio, we have had the Liberty Amps on display for customers for over a year.  The music most definitely draws people to the display where many linger to listen to the sound. Many comments are made about how much they enjoy listening.  We have always played pretty music but with the Liberty Amps the sound is more beautiful and carries through the entire store. Then come the comments about the beautiful hardwoods and the appreciation of the bluetooth. We always mention the ability to pick up your beautiful Amp and go anywhere for at least 30 hours! The Liberty Amps are perfect for The Looking Glass.
Molly  |  Waynesville, Ohio 
My Liberty Amps Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect compliment to our beach houseIt looks great in every room, and is easy to carry to the beach. Whether I'm listening to a book, meditating, or enjoying my music, I'm engulfed in the clear, crisp sounds that surround me. The volume and clarity that this beautiful piece of art produces are just incredible.
Annette  |  Flagler Beach, FL
I recently purchased a Liberty Amps Bluetooth Speaker for my wife's birthday. We are extremely happy with the product for three reasons: The audio quality is amazing. Our guests could not believe the quality of the tones emanating from such a small device. The wooden cabinet workmanship is outstanding. And finally, the range of the blue tooth connection is far superior to other devices we have owned. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. 
Pete | Columbus, Ohio 

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